Enhanced Provision

What is Enhanced Provision?

Enhanced provision is additional funding the Local Authority (LA) puts into a school/setting to support a pupil whose needs cannot be met solely from within the school’s resources. The funding may be used to provide additional support from a teaching assistant or more flexibly to provide necessary resources to meet a child’s individual needs, such as visual supports.

When is Enhanced Provision allocated?

  • School or setting considers that a pupil is not making adequate progress despite all actions school has tried
  • School/setting can show that it has taken all steps within its resources including following the recommendations of other agencies such as Speech and Language Service
  • Some pupils have a medical condition which means they need additional support to access education.

How is Enhanced Provision allocated?

  • School/setting makes an application to the Statutory Assessment and Moderating Panel (STAMP) which usually meets twice per term. Follow the link enhanced provision panel dates to find out the years panel dates and cut off deadlines for schools to submit the paperwork evidence to the Local Authority.
  • A range of professionals who attend STAMP consider the information and make a recommendation
  • If Enhanced Provision is agreed school and parents are notified by the LA of the number of hours and review arrangements
  • If Enhanced Provision is declined, reasons are given to school and parents. Sometimes other recommendations are made to the school advising them to access the range of services provided by the LA that schools’ can access at School Action Plus.

The range of services include:

  • Advice from the Educational and Child Psychologist
  • Advice from Specialist Teachers
  • SEN training
  • SENCO Network meetings
  • Therapy Services including Speech and Language
  • Behaviour and Attendance
    Outreach from Specialist Provision, accessed through the SEN Service
  • Block of Specialist Teaching

How long is Enhanced Provision allocated for?

  • The vast majority of pupils who have Enhanced Provision continue to do so for many years
  • Enhanced provision is usually reviewed by teachers and parents after 2.5 terms to monitor the child’s progress
  • In some cases it may be reviewed earlier

How can Enhanced Provision help my child?

  • Your child can be helped on a one to one or small group basis
  • Your child can have additional resources/equipment if needed
  • Your child may access a small group resource base placement
  • Your child may receive a block of specialist teaching
  • Your child’s progress will be monitored by the LA
  • Enhanced Provision can provide early intervention without waiting for a statement which can take 26 weeks
  • No need for lengthy assessment which will add no more to information already known about your child
  • Label of a statement is not needed for pupil’s needs to be met
  • Enhanced Provision can provide support but does not prevent later requests for statutory assessment if needed.
  • For more information go to Halton Local Offer http://localoffer.haltonchildrenstrust.co.uk/